Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant by Shubham India

Sewage Treatment Plant

Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant

The fully pre-assembled and factory tested Bio-Accelerator 3600™ modular Sewage Treatment plant is supplied in an ISO shipping container format for ease of transportation.

Bioreactor, settling tanks & chlorine contact tanks are open topped with safety railings around access points. RAS Pump, aeration blower, dosing systems, Tertiary system, monitoring, and control systems are skid mounted and with effective weather protection.

We at Shubham, Supplier Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant, we offer a variety of sewage treatment plant from conventional to innovative technology and modular to onsite treatment plant as per customer’s relevance and area availability as in Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Baroda, Gujarat and across the India.

The factory fitted and tested system along with semi / Automatic control panel includes full process Monitoring and data logging functions. Full telemetry including remote control is available as an option. The Bio-Accelerator 3600™ is designed to require minimal operator supervision making it ideal for installation in remote locations.


Bio-Accelerator 3600™ Modular sewage treatment plant is a fully/Semi-Automated wastewater treatment system incorporating the following process stages:
1. Inlet screening

2. Primary / Anoxic tank – DE nitrification (Optional)

3. Aeration Tank with UV resistance bio media.

4. Secondary Settling Tank with PP tube media.

5. Chlorine Contact tank

6. RAS and sludge removal

7. Tertiary Treatment for polishing


The heart of the Bio-Accelerator 3600™ is the design of aeration tank and bio-media as it removes organic impurities through a biological process. The biological process involves growing millions of bacteria that eat up organic impurities. Thousands of Virgin PP media pieces provide larger surface area for quick bacterial growth.  Bacteria get attached to the surface of media-piece sand gets detached after attaining mass and age, giving room to other bacteria to grow at the surface of the media.

Continuous and right supply of air through Diffusers provides mobility to the media and the sewage, for the accelerated biological growth of bacteria…   and provides vital oxygen for bacterial growth.  The Accelerator 360o™ technology ensures that Food and Mass Ratio is continuously maintained uninterruptedly throughout the process for the desired level of Mixed Suspended Solids (MLSS) which is critical for subsequent processes.
The mixed- largely free of organic impurities, with controlled levels of BOD and COD, overflows to the next chamber for settling and filtration process.

Water Softening Plant & System:


  • Small footprints reduce land use.
  • Expandable and flexible designs
  • Completely above ground installation.
  • Easy to Transport, relocate, install & Expand.
  • High removal efficiency for nitrogen, BOD & COD,
  • Treated Water reuse in irrigation and greywater applications.
  • Minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Full technical, installation and operation support from trained and experienced Shubham Team.
  • Proven Technology with reliable performance.
  • Reuse of Wastewater in a gardening application.

Typical Applications: 
Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plants are ideal for the following applications:

  • Housing Project.
  • Schools & hostels.
  • Industrial Office &Parks.
  • Recreational camps & travels trailer parks.
  • Shopping Centres.
  • Restaurants.
  • Resorts, Golf Courses and country clubs.
  • Rural Area Schools
  • Hospitals.

From automobiles to food and retail business; from daily cleaning and washing to plain drinking, WATER is the No.# 1 resource that we need for sustenance. For years, we assumed that this resource is not just free, it will also last forever. We made irresponsible use of it and we now face the prospect of depletion due to massive-scale mismanagement and pollution caused by water.

By considering environmental responsibility towards the water, Shubham Inc.has expanded its foray into Water and Sewage Water Treatment Plants. Shubham‘s product range mainly split into two markets vertical Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment.

We Shubham India are manufacturer and supplier of Sewage Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant products such as Industrial RO Plant, Ultra filtration Plant, Pressure Sand Filter, Multi Grade Sand Filter, Dual media Filter, Side stream filters, Water Softener Plant, Demineralization, Mix bed Unit, RO Plant and many more whereas Waste water treatment product range consists of conventional Sewage Treatment plant, Advance Bio- Accelerator 360[ MBBR ], Bio Hybrid [MBR], Package Sewage Treatment Plant, Underground FRP Sewage Treatment Plant, Septic Tanks, Grey Water Treatment, Laundry Water Treatment, ultra-Latest Electra-rapid (electro Coagulation), plant as an end-to-end service provider.

We use the best-in-class technology and cutting-edge tools to foster high-quality, sustainable, community-level water supply projects in Gujarat, India across the Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Baroda.

We Shubham India also offer innovative solutions to communities that are serious about self-managing their water supply problems. Shubham delivers safe, cost-effective and sustainable water, wastewater and energy utility infrastructure solutions to businesses and communities across the countries who are interested in minimizing their carbon footprint.

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Water Softening Plant by Shubham India

Sewage Treatment Plant in Ahmedabad Baroda Rajkot Surat Gujarat India

Water Softening Plant & System:

Water is considered ‘hard’ when it has excessive levels of calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. Water softening plant is used for removal of totalhardness dissolved in Water. We, at Shubham offer Series of water softenersat a low cost, reliable and highly efficientway to soften your water.

Water Softening Plant & System:

Our unique design of Water softening plant ensures the maximum utilization of the effective surface area,uniform space and linear velocity across the resin bed which provides effective contact time between water and resin bed yield soft water and prevent any precipitation and scale formation on the surface of heat exchanges and any process equipment where water is being used for further application.

Shubham water softeners are available in diameters from 0.225 Mts. to 4.0 Mts. with the flow ratesup to 250M3/Hr. and OBR up to 2200 M3@400 PPM hardness. These Strong, pre-engineered, pre-assembled units minimize installation land startup costs. Our Water Softener Plant is acclaimed in the market for cost efficiency and consistent functioning.

Operating Principle of our Water Softening Plant:

Water softening is a process where Calcium and Magnesium ions are exchanged for Sodium ions. Calcium and Magnesium ions associated with Alkalinity contribute for scale formation. These ions are also called as Total hardness. The strong acid Cation exchange resin in Sodium form is used for softening the water. When the resin is exhausted, it is regenerated with brine solution (Sodium Chloride) 10 % or 15% brine solution is normally used for the regeneration. If the brine solution is passed from the bottom of the resin and service flow is from the top, then it is called as Up flow softener.

Water Softening Plant & System:

If the service and regeneration flows are from top to bottom, then it is called as down flow softeners. The softeners are run up to the Hardness slip of 5 ppm as CaCO3 in the treated water, which is called as Industrial Zero hardness.

Salient Features:

  • Corrosion resistant resin and brine tank construction.
  • Timer-based automatic regeneration (Optional)
  • High quality softener resin provides stability and uniform size for top performance and long life.
  • Simple inline configuration for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Range of softener systems to suit Institutional, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Available in simplex and duplex configurations for intermittent or continuous use.
  • Softeners are available in MS, MSRL, FRP, operating in Manual / Auto mode

Benefits of our Water Softening System:

  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Produces clear, soft and non – scale forming water.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Incorporates high-capacity polystyrene bead type cation exchange resin which is remarkably stable and has a long life.
  • Total Hardness removal


  • Low Pressure Boiler feed.
  • Industry
  • Process Water
  • cooling water make-up.
  • RO Feed / Pre-treatment

Institution & Commercial & Residential

  • Water for laundry, dishwashers, boilers.
  • Car washing & General housekeeping.
  • HVAC & Cooling Tower
  • Scale prevention
  • Prevents scale formation
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Vinod Malviya (Director)

Shubham Inc, A Water and Waste Water Management Company
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Faqs – Waste water Treatment plant

Why we need Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)?

As the world has industrialized and its population has grown, the problem of water pollution has intensified. With numerous factories having no choice, inject untreated effluents directly into the ground, contaminating underground aquifers.

Another cause of water contamination is improper strategy of sewage treatment. Since human waste contain bacteria that can cause disease. Once water becomes infected with these bacteria, it becomes a health hazard. There are following sources of sewerage effluent as:

  • Residential apartment
  • Commercial complex
  • Public amenities/convenience
  • Labour camp/Defence/Refugee camp
  • Resorts & clubs
  • Factories/Industries

Effluent Treatment Plant

Waste management is the collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal, and monitoring of waste materials, without affecting humans and other life systems and without disturbing the environment. The term usually relates to materials produced by human activity either at home / office / industry / agricultural fields / mines etc., and is generally undertaken to reduce their effect on health, the environment or aesthetics. Waste Management is also carried out to recover resources from it.

Sewage / Effluent Treatment Plant is a facility designed to receive the waste from domestic, commercial and industrial sources and to remove materials (containing physical, chemical and biological contaminants) that damage water quality and compromise public health and safety when discharged into water receiving systems.

Shubham Inc Waste Water Treatment

Key Components :

  • Sewage / Effluent collection tank: Where preliminary, effluent is collected.
  • Screening: Any solid materials like; iron particles, stones, plastic items, grass weed, polythene paper, cloth etc are checked through bar screen filter to avoid any damages of the transferring pump.
  • Screening: Any solid materials like; iron particles, stones, plastic items, grass weed, polythene paper, cloth etc are checked through bar screen filter to avoid any damages of the transferring pump.
  • Equalization tank: In which, suspended materials are mixed properly to make a homogeneous mixture. An steering arrangement is employed in the tank.
  • Neutralization tank: Some chemicals are added for maintaining Ph, and for quick flocculation.
  • Sludge tank: After neutralization and flocculation of effluent, the suspended matter undergoes settling which is called sludge. The tank is used for sludge collection.
  • Aeration tank: A mechanical aeration system is adopted in the tank for growth of biomass which are easily coagulates suspended and dissolved particle.
  • Bio reactor: Where biomass is developed in aerobic condition.
  • Lamella filtration: After aeration of effluent, it allows to further settling with certain contact time.
  • Gradually all solids matter deposits at the bottom while the liquid water passed to PSF
  • Pressure sand filter (PSF): Used to remove suspended impurities from the water.
  • Activated carbon filter (ACF): De-odorize any smell in the water.
  • UV/chlorination disinfection: After de-odorizing of water, it is disinfected by either UV (ultraviolet radiation) or with chlorine. So that all types of micro-organisms, pathogens are killed before going to further use.
  • Final water discharge: The discharged water is used for various purpose like, gardening, cleaning, irrigation, car washing

What is waste Water Treatment & Its purpose?

Wastewater Treatment Purpose: To manage water discharged from homes, businesses, and industries to reduce the threat of water pollution. Wastewater Treatment

  • Pre-treatment

Occurs in business or industry prior to discharge
Prevention of toxic chemicals or excess nutrients being discharged in wastewater

  • Preliminary Treatment

removes large objects and non-degradable materials

protects pumps and equipment from damage

bar screen and grit chamber

  • Bar Screen

catches large objects that have gotten into sewer system such as bricks, bottles, pieces of wood, etc.

  • Grit Chamber

removes rocks, gravel, broken glass, etc.

  • Mesh Screen

removes diapers, combs, towels, plastic bags, syringes, etc.

  • Measurement and sampling at the inlet structure

a flow meter continuously records the volume of water entering the treatment plant

water samples are taken for determination of suspended solids and B.O.D

  • Suspended Solids

the quantity of solid materials floating in the water column

  • B.O.D. = Biochemical Oxygen Demand

a measure of the amount of oxygen required to aerobically decompose organic matter in the water

Measurements of Suspended Solids and B.O.D. indicate the effectiveness of treatment processes

Both Suspended Solids and B.O.D. decrease as water moves through the wastewater treatment processes

  • Primary Treatment

a physical process

wastewater flow is slowed down and suspended solids settle to the bottom by gravity

the material that settles is called sludge or biosolids

  • Sludge from the primary sedimentation tanks is pumped to the sludge thickener.

more settling occurs to concentrate the sludge prior to disposal

Primary treatment reduces the suspended solids and the B.O.D. of the wastewater.

From the primary treatment tanks water is pumped to the trickling filter for secondary treatment.

Secondary treatment will further reduce the suspended solids and B.O.D. of the wastewater

  • Secondary Treatment

Secondary treatment is a biological process

Utilizes bacteria and algae to metabolize organic matter in the wastewater

In Cape Girardeau secondary treatment occurs on the trickling filter

the trickling filter does not “filter” the water

water runs over a plastic media and organisms clinging to the media remove organic matter from the water

From secondary treatment on the trickling filter water flows to the final clarifiers for further removal of sludge.

The final clarifiers are another set of primary sedimentation tanks.

What is sewage water treatment?

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater, primarily from household sewage. It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove these contaminants and produce environmentally safe treated wastewater (or treated effluent).

What is the purpose of tertiary wastewater treatment?

Tertiary treatment is the next wastewater treatment process after secondary treatment. This step removes stubborn contaminants that secondary treatment was not able to clean up. Wastewater effluent becomes even cleaner in this treatment process through the use of stronger and more advanced treatment systems.